Video Archive 2020

January 2020

At our January workshop, Mike Murray reported on the success of the 2019 Toy Project, and club member Bill Cotton discussed the do's and don'ts of finishing.

February 2020

At our February workshop, Rich LeHoucq walked us through construction of three dressers that he made for members of his family.

July 2020

In our first COVID video-only workshop, Ros Barnes walks us through a wide range of joints and why we might pick one over the other.

September 2020

In this COVID video-only workshop, Aaron Hall explains how to evaluate used woodworking machines and how to repair, restore, and adjust them.

October 2020

This month Aaron Hall continues his explanation of how to repair, restore, and adjust wookworking machines.

November 2020

This month Russel Smith demonstrates the construction of end-grain cutting boards