Ramp Project

The New Mexico Ramp Project (NMRP) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit that provides ramps at no charge for the residences of people with mobility issues across New Mexico.  AWA members are volunteering their labor to build and install ramps at homes throughout the Albuquerque area. All the ramp components are produced in work sessions in an indoor space provided by the First United Methodist Church.  The components are then installed on-site at homes needing access ramps. The materials and tools have been generously donated by a variety of vendors in the Albuquerque area.

Volunteers include:

Wally Lopez                                     Bruno Carrara                        Charlie Gunter
Joel Gay                                             Kevin Konetzni                       Kevin Cook
Dave  and Elaine Frank               Mike Murray                           Scott Brent
Kay and Bert Grant                      Ben Blackwell                         John Henderson
Ron Danner                                     Chris Gorbach                         Art Ellis
Tim Westimeir                                Van Barta                                  Kerry Neef
Jack Harris                                       Rick Martin                              Bonnie Ullman
Jodell Larimer                                 Chelsea Mellott                     John Nimart
Bill Daugherty                                 Ros Barnes                              Nick Jarman
Karol Baughman                            Dave Kilgus