Newsletters 2019

The November newsletter features Aaron Hall's presentation on decorative staining and banding.

The December newsletter features local turner Michael Anderson's demonstration of lathe operation and turning techniques .

The September newsletter features Ben Blackwell's presentation on using dowel joinery to build a miter-saw stand.

The October newsletter features Bill Cotton's presentation on 3-D printing.

The July 2019 features a report on Michael Mocho's presentation on principles of design and construction.

The August newsletter features a description of Van Barta's presentation on designing and evolving a workshop.

Nailers - The May newsletter contains notes from Ros Barnes' presentation about pneumatic nailers AND a summary of results from a group brainstorming on future presentation topics.

Chinese Furniture - The June newsletter contains a description of Charlie Palmer's presentation on his wardrobe cabinet based on a Ming Dynasty original.

Antique Tools - The March newsletter features a full report on the February presentation by members of the Rocky Mountain Tool Club. The workshop focused on the value of collectible tools for woodworking.

Canoes - The April newsletter contains notes from the presentation in February by Lauren Pacho and Reid Schaeffer on constructing a strip-built wooden canoe.

Marquetry Techniques - The January newsletter includes a report from December's workshop featuring Farmington area woodworker Ramon Valdez presenting techniques for designing and executing beautiful decorative marquetry.

CNC and 3D Printing - The February newsletter highlights the January workshop, in which local manufacturing entrepreneur Daniel Tillier presented an overview of small-scale, computer controlled manufacturing processes, and their application in woodworking.