Newsletters 2018

Precision Routing: Reporting on our October workshop with Derek Roff demonstrating use of an Incra precision fence and positioner for highly reliable results on the router table. Demo included edge jointing, raised panels, slot cutting and more.

Curved Joinery with the Router: Details from our November presentation. SFCC instructor and furniture maker Larry Buechley showed members how to use templates and guide bushings to rout perfectly matching curves for precisely fitting joinery.

Lessons Learned: Detailed report from our August meeting, in which Albuquerque furniture maker Hershel Weiss talked about woodworking mistakes - how to prevent them, how to fix them - how to learn from them.

Expressive Small Boxes: Details from the September presentation by Doug Jones, instructor at SFCC, on making small boxes. Doug's talk explored a design methodology for creating small boxes that are expressive despite their diminutive size.

Our New Home: Details from the first AWA meeting in our new space at the North Domingo Baca Recreational Center. Several members presented their favorite shop fixtures and jigs.

Cabinetry: Report on the presentation at our July meeting, in which club member Neil Davie shared a review of his kitchen remodel project, including design considerations, materials and construction details.

Design: Detailed report on the April workshop presented by local furniture maker and carver Chris Sandoval. Chris talked about the origins of his design style, and demonstrated construction and decorative carving on a small pine chest.

Drawer Slides: Details from the May workshop by AWA member David Strip, discussing the construction of wooden drawer slides.

Finishing: Detailed report on the February presentation on finishing basics by Santa Fe college instructor David Gamble. Also, Ros Barnes demonstrates his favorite chemical stripper.

Outfeed Table: Notes and photos from the March presentation by AWA member Ben Blackwell on the design and construction of the outfield table for his new tablesaw.

January 2018

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Boxes: Recap of the January presentation by furniture maker and former Santa Fe college instructor Michael Hoffer, who presented his custom boxes while discussing how to develop a personal style in woodworking.