Little Free Libraries

When the Covid pandemic forced closure of the public libraries, the city of Albuquerque reached out to the AWA for help building Little Free Libraries which are outdoor book repositories where community members freely share books they no longer need. The AWA stepped up to the task by designing and building 21 libraries. The city provided the funding for the materials.

Mike Murray created the initial design and Jerry Van Slambrook refined the design and created the plans that were distributed to members who volunteered to build the libraries. The participating members were:

John Henderson
Jerry Van Slambrook
Ron Danner
Mike Murray
Gary Reece

Derek Roff
Ros Barnes
Gerald Simnacher
Jim Scott
Joel Gay

Ron Bathje
Ivan Blomgren
Chris Gorbach
Marvin Zimmerman
Ben Blackwell

Want to build one yourself? You can download the plans here.

Member Marv Zimmerman recently spotted one of the libraries "in the wild" on the multi-use trail along the Rio Grande and sent us these pictures.