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Cutting coves with a table saw??

Come Learn With Us… Forums General Discussion Cutting coves with a table saw??

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      Is cutting a cove on a table saw wise?? (from Ros Barnes, 01/21/22)

      Cove Cutting with a Table Saw | Woodworking - YouTube<span class=”VSIspc”>1,280 × 720</span>

      There are many internet videos that demonstrate how to cut a cove on the table saw by using a pair of guides, clamped parallel to one another diagonal to the blade, and spaced the width of the part that is to be coved.  The part is then repeatedly moved across the blade, taking shallow cuts, to make the cove.

      I have a couple of questions about this operation:

      ·       How much of a sideways torque gets applied to the saw blade, and can the blade actually accommodate these abnormal forces without failing?

      ·       Additionally, how much non-perpendicular force is applied to the table saw arbor and bearings?

      A table saw blade along with the arbor and bearings are designed to accept the forces applied by the ripping and crosscutting operations.  I have not read where any table saw or table saw blade manufacturer has addressed this process.

      Is this a real issue, or am I being overly concerned?  I made one project incorporating this design, but I was not comfortable doing it, so never duplicated it.


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